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FRIENDLY BANKED, is, like the Kontum Snowboard, a banked slalom competition.

This event will take place in La Plage on the 13th April 2019. 

This year, the Kontum Snowboard and the Friendly Banked see things in big !

Banked Tour

You all know our passion for Snowboarding, and this passion gather us all together to events like the Kontum or the Friendly Banked. For years to come, we would love to implement a Banked Slalom Tour. You'll have understood it, both highlights events for the season to come are the Kontum and the Friendly Banked.

How does it works ?

The 10 first men, and 5 first women of the Friendly Banked, and the Kontum Snowboard, will fight in a Super Final, that will be right after the race of the Kontum (same day). Results will be announced after the prize giving of the Kontum Snowboard, at the Wild & Savage.  

What do I win ?  

First of all, the opportunity to participate at two of the most challenging Banked Slalom of the season !

But that's not all ! The winners will win tickets for the famous Sudden Rush Banked Slalom in Laax, and a prize money ! 

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